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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where The Boys Are

The boys took the Beast out today and tilled the dirt again; this time perpendicular to the tractor route and breaking up the dirt clods that it had left behind.

So the Beast made a lot of beautiful marks in the dirt and it could be easy to be deceived to think that without tribulation and toil, things might grow up beautiful from the works that it had done; fruits and flower and produce wonderful things without any effort or thinking from us.

But, of course, that is far from the truth.
We have lots of work to do...
The boys did a great deal of work just managing the  Beast, making sure it did not lead and go off the wrong way and take them wherever it wanted to go.

Well then, they did have an inspired leader showing them how to go and the right from wrong ways of doing things..

Between their studies and the beauty of the day, they did not play; they worked, and worked away...

Plenty of fence, though different kinds, they made it look beautiful and near perfectly fit...

The gate just waiting for hardware and another inch of time...

Strong, nearly indestructible deer fencing will be added to the bottoms of the fences to do our best to keep out unwelcome invaders...

We have some seeds, donated by a friend who is supportive. We do not know if they will sprout, but we'll practice with them, at least, to see what we can do.

Where the boys are, something exciting waits for us...what are they working on now?...
Stay tuned, it has to do with this.

What do you think it is?
What would you do with it?

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