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Five Keys to Success, by Lois

                                        Seeds, Soil and Sun! 
                                   Alta Vista Gardens Spring 2012
                                 Introductory Vegetable Gardening -  
                                    The Five Keys to Success

1)    Keep it simple
  • a)    Have a plan but don’t obsess, do take notes
  • b)    Less can be more
  • c)    Get a reliable plant source
  • d)    Plant by season, invite some companions
2)    Location, location, location
  • a)    The more sun, the better
  • b)    Anticipate neighborhood scavengers
  • c)    Water source, yes?
3)    Worship the ground they “walk” in
  • a)    Devote the most time to soil prep
  • b)    Definition of amendments
  • c)    Composting-your trash is your plants treasure
4)    Don’t leave them thirsty and hungry
  • a)    A.M./P.M. roll call
  • b)    Definition of plant food
5)    Balance tolerance with vigilance
  • a)    Head the needs of the good “bugs”
  • b)    Nursery 911
For more information to fill in the abc's of this outline, beg, borrow or steal buy a copy of this (small b) bible of botanical wisdom. It might help to pray! :0)

[This information came to me courtesy of my friend, Lois, a CCM (Certified Clinical Herbalist) and Horticulturist that enjoys sharing natural solutions with others at:  http://herbalblurbs.blogspot.com/ and shows her creative side at: https://sites.google.com/site/nouveauwreath/]

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