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Brew Herbal Plant Wash and Bug Spray

"Summer Fun For Kids, Chalk Spray" (see link below)

Brew Herbal Plant Wash and Bug Spray.
Kids love squirt bottles, so they usually love the job of spraying plants. This concoction (not the one pictured, although it is safe too, see link below for formula for spray chalk) is safe for kids and helps to keep indoor or outdoor plant leaves clean and free of aphids and diseases. Use on smooth-leafed plants. Ingredients include the grated rind of one lemon, 1 cup wormwood or tansy, 1 cup lavender, 1 cup sage, 1 pint boiling water, and 1 teaspoon non-detergent soap such as Castile or Murphy's Oil Soap. In a heat-resistant quart jar, mix lemon and herbs. Pour water over the mix. Let it steep until cooled to room temperature. Drain, reserving the liquid. In a plastic spray-pump bottle, dilute 1/8 cup of the herbal liquid to 2 cups water and add the teaspoon of soap. Teach your child how to safely apply the spray.
From http://www.kidsgardening.org/parent/primer/10

[This information came to me courtesy of my friend, Lois, a CCM (Certified Clinical Herbalist) and Horticulturist that enjoys sharing natural solutions with others at:  http://herbalblurbs.blogspot.com/ and shows her creative side at: https://sites.google.com/site/nouveauwreath/]

For the Infarrantly Creative formula for the "summer fun for kids, chalk spray" pictured above, go to:

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